DMS Directory of Services
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Welcome to the DMS Directory of Services

At the DMS Directory, you can build a new DataMax Enterprise website, modify your existing site, update your hosting account credit card information and much more.

To get started, select the appropriate topic from the drop down menu above.  To build a new Enterprise website, select the type of site you would like to build from the "BUILD A NEW ENTERPRISE WEBSITE" category above which will take you to a site "Build Page".  The Build Page contains the two documents we require to set up your new website.  They are:

  1. Your HOSTING AGREEMENT:  This is the PDF agreement you will download which supplies us with your credit card information so we can set up your hosting account and pay for your site.
  2. Your BUILD FORM:  This is an online submission form which details your business information such as business name, phone numbers, and business email address.  It also tells our technicians which website template you have chosen.

Once we have both documents in hand, they will be matched and your site will usually be up and running in just 24 hours.  If you need some help on any topic such as which business email type to choose, there are some informative "help topics" located under the "HELP / TECHNICAL SUPPORT" category in the Navigation Bar.