Cash Flow Institute Submissions Area

Time to get to work.  Donald is in and the wicked witch is dead.  Nothing holding us back from making millions or billions. We have about 8 years until Chelsea runs for office. 

Program Updates / Changes

OK...the new DMS Web Host is fully up and operational.  When you make a sale you will just send your little darlings to as usual.  You can pay at the end of the month for the ones that actually build a site $25 each.

All of these budding entrepreneurs now pay only $14.95 to set up their site if they already have a domain or $29.94 if they buy one of our spectacular domains for $14.99.  So now you can truly say they get a FREE website.

Affiliates Programs for Websites

I'm going to be pushing affiliate programs at our little darlings with a host of new websites with more room for banners and sidebar links.  Info is in the Note Broker Support Area.

Darling's Submission Form

Darling's Name
Email Address
Street Address
State             Zip Code   
Purchase Information Cash Flow Website
Factoring Made Easy
Other Special Info

Sales List by Month

Here is the list of new website built each month for your darlings under the new program.

9/13 Jeremy Whitley
9/14 Ronald Wilson
9/17 Stephan Adams 
9/20 Jesus Rodriguez
9/20 Edwin Luzunaris 
9/30 Herman Laws
Total $150.00 Go Trump
10/3 Jordan Gordan
10/2 Thomas Barnes
10/4 Ricky Shoulders
10/4 Rupert Spence
10/11 Darnell Johnson
10/13 Mark Adams
10/13 Keeshan Clements waiting for domain
10/13 Tim Hines 
10/14 Orlando Rodriguez
10/14 Scott Clark
10/17 David Abbott
10/7 Clive Harbin
10/17 Luis Torres
10/18 Melreo Hay
10/20 Tawanda Thomas
10/23 Lopex Hill
10/23 Cecilia Vasquez
11/2 Richard Schemerhorn
11/2 Chuck White
11/3 Nelson Womack
11/3 Brent Lankford
11/4 Dedrick Dean
11/4 Stephen Brown
11/4 Ernest Brooks
11/8 Roosevelt Morris
11/9 Darrell Burnett
11/10 Susan Jaunsen
11/14 Jennifer Madden
11/25 Russell Sessler
11/25 Daniel Tucker
11/25 Herman Mack
11/25 Malcolm Goldston
11/17 John Cragle
11/24 Carl Toole
11/24 Mike Morris
11/28 Tony Green
1128 Sean Kelly
11/28 Al Lambert
  21 New Entrepreneurs You're Making a Fortune.  Only 50% Build.
  Richard Knight  
  Marsha Dixon  
  Keeshan Clements  
  Marcus May  
  Ray McCain  
  Marvin Gibson  
  Gordon McIntyre  
  James Stevens  
  Milton McClellan  
  Basiel Williams  
  Steven Jensen  
  Steven Jensen  
  Ryan Millican  
  Evella Walker  
  DeMarcus McGee  
  Nathaniel Hart  
  Brian Fuller  
  Nasir Khan  
  Mark Porter  
  Angela Reese  
  Gary St. Armand  
  Patrick Handy  
  Milton Brown  
10/23 JC Jeanlius  
10/17 Jamilla Lane  
10/14 Terrell Hicks  
10/14 Douglas Stutt  
10/12 Leroy Bacchus  
10/12 Dereck Powell  
10/11 Aleasha McGill  
10/11 Darrell Burnett  
10/10 Victor Rios  
10/10 Alexander Chan  
10/10 Lynette Mendez  
10/10 Russ Skinner  
12/1 Errol Sanders